Sunday Stash {5-31-2015}


At the end of April, Stephanie @Late Night Quilter posted a tip about how to recycle used Olfa rotary blades. For the sake of redundancy, I will not republish the details, but needless to say I was greatly intrigued. On May 4th, I shipped off 5 used 60mm Olfa rotary blades and a $29 check and wondered just what was going to happen. Right at 3 weeks later I received a BRAND NEW package of 60mm Olfa rotary blades. I am hooked!!

LP Sharp

Knowing that I can recycle my blades and get new blades in return for only $29, I am promising myself to change out my rotary blades much more often. Starting moments after I received this awesome package.

*Note that at this time the company only ships to the US and Canada according to their website.

**Also note that Amy @13Spools has a cheap recommendation for purchasing Olfa blades (, but I have to admit that I love the recycling aspect of this option!

Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash
Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash

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