No Tech (Long) Weekend


At the beginning of the year, my husband decided to institute “no computer weekends” into his life. Once a month, he turns off his computer at home and dedicates the weekend to making sure he is doing the hands on projects and relaxation that he really enjoys (and sometimes really requires) in order to recharge and renew. I have not joined him on those weekends, but with the upcoming 2015 New Quilters Blog Hop, I decided it might be best to take a break and find a bit of recharging and renewal myself.


Over this long holiday weekend, I am going to be disconnected entirely: a no tech long weekend. I will not even be sewing! Instead, I will be dedicating my time to my husband and family. I have a few posts that are scheduled during my absence, but I will not be responding to comments during this time. I will be back online on Wednesday morning, and I look forward to reengaging with you then.



I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)