Collaborative Baby Quilt II

Collaborative Quilt II {TGIFF}


My mother and I recently wrapped up our second collaborative quilt for the year. This is a baby quilt for a new family member, and her baby room is going to be decorated with a mermaid theme in aqua, coral, and white. My mom chose to purchase and use my Tessellated Leaves pattern to piece the top, and we picked out fabrics together for the quilt when we were at QuiltCon! About 2 weeks ago, I received the pieced top and backing from my mom, and I had the pleasure of quilting, binding, and shipping it off to its forever home.

Collaborative Baby Quilt II
Collaborative Baby Quilt II

I used 50wt Aurifil white thread (2024) in the center, 50wt Aurifil 5006 in the aqua border, and 50wt Aurifil 2420 in the coral border. I always keep the same color in the bobbin as well.

Collaborative Baby Quilt II - Quilting Detail
Collaborative Baby Quilt II – Quilting Detail

Over the center Tessellated Leaves portion of the quilt I quilted an all over meandering loop pattern with occasional hearts thrown in. In the aqua border I used a rounded back and forth line, and in the coral border I tried a new quilting pattern for the first time (although you have seen it used again recently in the Cocoa Leaf Medallion quilt): flowers.

Collaborative Baby Quilt II - Label
Collaborative Baby Quilt II – Label

Once again my mother went above and beyond and made a STUNNING quilt label for the back of the quilt. The mermaids she created using the fabric scraps from the front just blow my mind! I really enjoy being able to collaborate to create quilts for our family with my mother, especially when she make me look so good (my name is on that beautiful label!)!! 😉

Collaborative Baby Quilt II - Backing
Collaborative Baby Quilt II – Backing

The quilt backing uses another greenish-aqua print and some left over white and coral scraps. I like seeing how the different thread colors read across the back; the white just blends in with everything!

And there is another huge first for me on this quilt: I quilted most of it with the stitch regulator on my long arm turned off. It was liberating and so much fun! I spent an hour practicing on some scrap fabric before working up the courage to go for it on this quilt, and I am glad to have pushed myself to try it.

Collaborative Baby Quilt II
Collaborative Baby Quilt II

Quilt Size Statistics

  • Flimsy Finish: 46-inches wide by 58-inches long
  • After Quilting: 45-inches wide by 57-inches long
  • After First Wash: 42.5-inches wide by 53.5-inches long

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