Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Robots
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Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Take Three

Yesterday I whipped up another super quick fitted crib sheet baby quilt to list for sale in my Etsy store.

Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Robots

Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Robots

This quilt is made from Circo 100% cotton, 200 thread count sheets. The top is the Robot sheet and the back is the Grey Medallion sheet. I picked up both from Target for $9.99 each. I bound the quilt with 3/8 yard of a Kona solid grey, I used Quilter’s Dream Green batting, and 50wt Aurifil white for the quilting.

Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Robots

Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Robots

I quilted it using a rounded corner box pattern on my long arm. I think the quilting pattern compliments the robots and the rounded corners soften it to match the rounded medallion shapes on the back.

Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt

Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt

Quilt Size Statistics

  • Pre-Quilting: 42.75-inches by 48.25-inches
  • After Quilting and Binding: 42.25-inches by 47.25-inches
  • After First Wash: 41-inches by 43.5-inches

15 thoughts on “Fitted Crib Sheet Quilt: Take Three

  1. Your crib sheet quilts are simply delightful! Love the boxed quilting. Now I want to go make one of these!

  2. kittywilkin says:

    This one is super cute!!

  3. Jan O says:

    Cute! Gotta love those robots, especially the dog! Such a nice shower gift for a mom who’s registered for the matching items at Target.

  4. Lara B. says:

    So cool Yvonne! And a great idea for parents who love coordinated sets. Right away I noticed your quilting and thought “…how perfect!”

  5. Lucy says:

    Super cute and such a great idea for a quick quilt. I gotta say – is it just me or do those medallions bear a striking resemblance to a certain Pearl Bracelet line?

  6. Totally love the robots in this sheet! These really are great ways to make for quick gifts! Inexpensive, too! A nice stock pile of these would always be handy.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Love the rounded corners with the robots. The perfect little boy quilt. Do you have any problems with your tension when quilting a sheet?

  8. Turned out great – really cute prints, and the quilting added the perfect touch.

  9. Renee says:

    Very cute robots! Love the use of the pearl bracelets!

  10. I love the print. I adored K-9 on the old Doctor Who when I was a kid, and the little robot dogs make me think of him fondly.

    1. oh my gosh – me too!

  11. This is so super cute! I bet its great practice for mastering those quilting stitches. I bet this quilt will make someone very happy!

  12. Very cute! The quilting really suits the prints.

  13. sally says:

    Perfect quilting, what a cute make for a little boy nursery.

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