Request for Quilt Blocks


I feel like I am asking for a lot of help from the quilting community this week. I really value your time, advice, and input! In this case, I am hoping that you have a bit of time in the next month to make and send me a quilt block or two for two very deserving and lovely children.

***UPDATED*** For more ideas, visit my Boat and Music Block Tutorials post.

Request for Quilt Blocks
Request for Quilt Blocks

This past Sunday, I spent several hours with the wife and children of my friend, Mike, who died last October. I had them over to talk about quilts and sewing, and their enthusiasm and creativity and excitement blew me away. Each child made their own quilt block, and they are awesome!!

Sailboat Block
Sailboat Block
The older sibling chose to make a sailboat. Her block finished out at 10 inches wide by 7 inches tall, and we played around with some decorative stitches on my machine to put her name and some “wave shapes” at the bottom of the block.
"L" Block
“L” Block

The younger sibling chose to make the letter “L” (the first letter of his name). His block finished out at 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall (how cool that they are the same size?!?!). His use of negative space and sense of color coordination is excellent, and again we played with decorative stitches to put his name at the bottom of the block.

I plan to create more blocks for both of them. I will finish spelling out his name, make blocks to spell out her name, and others as necessary (I have a bunch of ideas!).

If you have time in your busy schedule over the next month, I would appreciate any blocks that finish at 7 x 10 (inches) and follow the same general color scheme as indicated by the original blocks. The older sibling is a dancer, so if boats and ocean themed blocks do not inspire you, perhaps something related to dancing might be more fun for you to make. The other color you could add in for her blocks would be pinks and/or salmon colors. The younger sibling is also very excited to be learning to play the piano and his mother and I think that in addition to his name he would really enjoy any music themed blocks, so adding in black and white prints (especially if they have music themed prints on them) would be great, too.

What kind of blocks should I make?

Older: Boat / ocean themed or dancing themed blocks using navys, teals, grays (same tones as in her block above), and pink or salmon.

Younger: Music themed blocks using blues (in the same tones as his block above), black, and white. Improv blocks in the same blue tones as above would also be appropriate.

How big should I make the blocks?

Ideally, the blocks should measure 7-inches by 10-inches (landscape orientation for the boat/ocean/dancing themed blocks, portrait orientation for the music blocks). However, if there is a block design that you want to make that is a different size, we will use it to learn about piecing and design challenges!

When do you need the blocks?

Please post/mail/ship your blocks by April 22, 2015.

Should I sign my blocks?

No. Purely to keep it simple. A label will be made explaining that these quilts were created from the global quilt community.

I don’t live in the US, can I still send blocks?

Of course you can! Please do so!

Where do I send them?

Email me at jetgirl8(at)gmail(dot)com when you are ready to ship your blocks, and I will give you my address. This also helps me keep track of how many blocks to expect.

Will all the blocks be used?

Yes! If more blocks are received than can be reasonably used in quilt tops for the children, the remaining blocks will be utilized for a pieced backing or for donation quilts to Project Linus.

Is there anything I am missing that you need to know? Leave a comment and I will update this post as necessary. Thank you so much!

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I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)