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A friend contacted me in November to discuss having a quilt made. She is a breast cancer survivor and she is currently recovering from a knee replacement. She has a bright outlook on her future, and she wanted to celebrate turning the page on illness in her life with a cheerful quilt. Hearing her discuss her optimism and hopes for the future touched me and made me so excited to create a beautiful lap quilt for her.

We live at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in central California, and she loves the mountains and being outside. After getting a good list of things that she likes and her vision for the quilt, I spent some time creating a couple of designs. We both quickly agreed that the bold and graphic quilt I called “Out of the Woods” was clearly the quilt to develop.

Out of the Woods Modern Lap Quilt Design
Out of the Woods Modern Lap Quilt Design

Another one of the sources of inspiration that was discussed was water and the flow of life, and I also kept thinking about her description of a journey and a path coming out of a forest. I selected a backing fabric whose dots seem to be a path flowing down a river and going around obstacles or even like the dots on a hiking trail map.

Backing Fabric
Backing Fabric

My friend is in no particular rush to receive the quilt, so I had the pleasure of taking some time to work on other projects and stepping back from the design for a while. Early last week, I knew it was time to come back to this project with a fresh perspective. I decided to “play” with the design a bit and evaluate using some modern prints instead of solid fabrics, and after a quick look at how the design was evolving, I was excited enough to see if my friend liked the prints over the solids.

Out of the Woods - Evolution Using Modern Prints
Out of the Woods – Evolution Using Modern Prints

My friend was enthusiastic about the modern prints and asked me to continue pursuing the idea. I couldn’t help myself and selected a selection of Carolyn Friedlander prints. Not only is Breeze in Sky from Carolyn’s new Doe line beautiful, but it really captures a sense of topography and movement of the constant wind that we live with in our mountain pass town. I also selected the bright yellow Mercury by Alison Glass for the sun. I increased the size of the framing border a bit and slightly reduced the sun with some offset to get the scale a bit more pleasing.

Out of the Woods - Final Design
Out of the Woods – Final Design

The Out of the Woods quilt design should create a flimsy that is 72-inches wide by 88-inches long. I am really excited to start working on this quilt!

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