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QuiltCon 2015

About a month ago I let everyone know that I plan to dress up at QuiltCon as my Alter Ego, Quilting Jetgirl, by wearing a flight suit and covering it with quilting related patches. Many of you have expressed regret at not being able to attend QuiltCon this year. I do hope to get lots of fun pictures of the event to share, but for the mean time, I wanted to share the Work in Progress that is my AlterEgo outfit. This has the benefit of sharing with those of you who will not be attending, and letting everyone who will be there know what to look for. 🙂

The first thing that I worked on was creating some Quilting Jetgirl related pins to put onto my flight suit. In particular, I am excited about my “Sewing at the Speed of Sound” button. And in case you didn’t know, my last name is Fuchs which is German for “fox”. It is also a rather entertaining last name to leave with a maître d’ (they hardly ever spell it correctly…). I digress.

Quilting Jetgirl Pins
Quilting Jetgirl Pins

I have a pilot friend who is being kind enough to loan me a flight suit to use for my outfit. Well, when I asked to borrow a flight suit, I wasn’t expecting to get a “blue suit” on loan for my QuiltCon AlterEgo outfit. What makes a blue suite special? Well, it is possible to get blue flight suits, but when I see a blue flight suit with a NASA meatball (logo), I assume that the person wearing that suit is an astronaut or astronaut candidate for NASA. I never in a million years aspired to being an astronaut as a kid because I had such horrible eyesight and the requirements (used to) called for 20/20 uncorrected vision. It was a crazy awesome experience to put on this flight suit Tuesday night at home, as you can probably tell from my photographs.

So here is a recap of the QuiltCon AlterEgo plan: dress up in something fun and come celebrate and be silly with me at the Moda party on Thursday night. I do realize that not everyone has as obvious a quilting avatar or alter-ego like mine, but feel free to kick around ideas in the comments, with your quilting friends, and generally share the idea to help make this be a silly, quilty fun celebration! I will probably reprise the outfit on Saturday for those of you who are not planning to attend the Moda party; flight suits have all kinds of nifty zippered pouches and are quite comfortable to wear, so why not?

Be sure to check out what Renee @Quilts of a Feather is planning for her outfit!

What is YOUR QuiltCon Alter-Ego?

If you can get down with not taking yourself too seriously and want to get in on the action, check out #QuiltConAlterEgo and #QuiltConCosplay on Instagram, #regram and blog using the alter-ego badge above, and let’s start talking about some fun ideas to let loose a little bit!

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