Cocoa Leaf Medallion - Center Leaf "Star" Layout

Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt {WiP}

It has been almost exactly a month since I posted any progress updates on the Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt. I pulled it back out over the weekend and worked on making a template and cutting the fabric to make the center cocoa leaf “star” for the center of the quilt. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun playing with which fabric should be on top to create a color depth between the leaves where they overlap.

Cocoa Leaf Medallion - Center Leaf "Star" Layout

Cocoa Leaf Medallion – Center Leaf “Star” Layout

I am taking my sweet time with this quilt, but I am making sure that I am enjoying each step of the process, too. I will be appliqueing the leaves down in place, which is a technique I am not all together comfortable with. So, while the couple who commissioned this quilt takes some time to make sure they like the color arrangement, I will be reading up on the technique and deciding how I will be going about getting these all sewn down.

Cocoa Leaf Drum Light - Quilt Inspiration

Cocoa Leaf Drum Light – Quilt Inspiration

As a reminder, the inspiration for the entire quilt is this stunning cocoa leaf drum light that will hang above the quilt when it is finished and in its forever home.

Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt - Design

Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt – Design

And this is the design that I have been working toward. I am glad to have the center layout laid out true to the vision (I could never get EQ5 to display the center the way I wanted so I gave up a while ago!).

Do you have any projects that you use to “savor each stitch”? It has been enjoyable to have a long term project without a short term deadline.

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0 thoughts on “Cocoa Leaf Medallion Quilt {WiP}

  1. You could use invisible thread to donthe applique stitch and a blind stitch, that way the stitching won’t interfere with your beautiful design and colors!

  2. I’m not comfortable with appliqué either, but when I did the buckeye leaf on the last OSU quilt I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and nice it turned out. It’s nice that you have time to research and practice before having to do the center piece of the quilt.

    Sewing that large circle to the background pieces with those curves is impressive! It looks so nice! This quilt will be so pretty when it’s finished. And all that negative space for quilting – how fun!

  3. I absolutely adore the layout you have planned and look forward to seeing how it is produced. So different than what you usually piece!
    I am mulling over some handpiecing that will take me awhile and I mean to savor every stitch. I have SCRAPS, of course, from different people, that will make the top mean something special to me. So I can work on it as I go and as I am relaxing!!

  4. Ruth says:

    Great to be able to take some thinking time and try some techniques! I love the design, will be gorgeous.

  5. Terri Ann says:

    Oh this is coming along nicely Yvonne! I have a hard time getting EQ7 (which I’m guessing isn’t too different than EQ5) to cooperate with me sometimes. I often find myself going back to a pad and paper or Illustrator instead which is unfortunate. EQ seems to excel at standard traditional repeating patterns more than anything else.

  6. Judy says:

    Yvonne, it looks awesome!! Are you going to leave the multiple layers of fabric? The way it peeks through is very cool! I don’t have any long term projects. . . every time I think I might give that a go, I get obsessed and end up finishing it LOL

  7. Jayne Willis says:

    Its going to be gorgeous! That light is amazing too! I usually can’t hold off on finishing something that I savor, I get too excited about it and determined to finish it fast!
    I’ll be watching to see the progress!

  8. I love that drum light! It’s easy to see how inspiring it is and how well your design is going to play off of it. I don’t know that I have any “savor” type projects right now. I’d just be happy to kick this cold to the curb and start sewing again.

  9. Jasmine says:

    It looks great! I like the way you have arranged the colors. I do have one slow hand sewing project, but I find it gets neglected. So I may work on it exclusively at some point.

  10. Renee says:

    Looks great so far! love the layered effect you are getting!

  11. sally says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this one progress, so please don’t savour it too much! I’m really enjoying my teeny wool squares at the moment, And although I’m happy with the layout now (your stripey idea really helped, thank you!), I’m not so sure how I’m going to go about the stitching together or what backing to use, and I think those uncertainties, maybe like your applique uncertainties, add to the desire not to rush it!

  12. Last year I was savoring each stitch with my Tula blocks… deliberately doing only 10/month allowed me to do that. I absolutely love your design!

  13. Nurdan says:

    It looks great and I can visualise the beautiful quilt top you will put together bit by bit. It is great when you have enough time to work towards the desired outcome without a pressure. I am sure you will be fine with appliquéing. Take your time and just enjoy it!

  14. I do have a few long term projects that I can take my time and really savor, but the last few months have been filled with too many deadline quilts, I need to limit those.

  15. Cassandra says:

    The layout for the quilt center is stunning! I love that you took the inspiration for this piece from the lamp in the room- the quilt and light will play so well off one another.

  16. Vera says:

    This looking good! I don’t have any precious project at the moement I’m affraid 🙂

  17. Shauna says:

    I love those colors. I’m not much for applique, but I think it is a mental thing for me. I do have some projects that I just love all the stages, most recently it is my cross quilt. I want to do a queen size quilt with 6 inch blocks, so I work on it and then put it away and work on it and then put it away. But every time I pull it out it makes me happy!!!

  18. Sandra :) says:

    WOW I never saw the original post about that quilt – the inspiration picture is quite cool, and how you’re translating it into fabric is quite awesome! I had EQ6 and never really did enjoy using it – I found it far too difficult for whatever it was that I wanted to do. In particular I wanted to be able to draft paper pieced blocks and that was – not fun. The computer it was on died, and I never did install it on the new one because I just didn’t need the stress 😀 (Now if I want a specific paper pieced pattern I just buy the darn thing, LOL!)

  19. Of course I have projects where I savour each stitch! That’s the point (for me). Obviously, Dear Jane is the clearest example. Applique is great for that too. I have a new applique project planned, but I have yet to cut it out.

  20. This quilt is going to be STUNNING no matter how it ends up. You have done really well from the original inspiration to where it is now! If there were anything, with trying to get “depth” in the center, I am finding my eye gets lost with any depth on the bottom left with the leaves… just a thought to throw out there! I was examining the inspiration lamp more and found how it gives the “shadow” effect which is what I think you are referring to at the depth and I am wondering if you pulled up the blue or orange leaf to enhance more of the depth. With only two sitting on top, the depth appears off balance and just ‘stacked’. Just a thought, no matter which way this is seriously a WORK OF ART! And of course, the ones who commissioned its choice. I’m always so intrigued by your design and eye!

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)