Eye Mask - Second Version
Sewing Project

Flannel Eye Mask

Monday was a bit off for me. I decided after a rough morning that I wanted to work on a quick selfish sewing project. I’m a quilter and not seamstress by a large margin, but I decided to tackle a soft flannel eye mask. I had an eye mask with a comfortable (and adjustable) elastic band, but it has fallen to tatters. I removed the elastic from the old eye mask, and due to my embarrassment at the tatters, I did not photograph the disintegrated eye mask. Using the pattern and tutorial for an Eye Mask from the red kitchen, I quickly assembled and finished this very soft flannel eye mask. The print is fun and whimsical, and I look forward to enjoying the soft darkness it promises soon.

Flannel Eye Mask

Flannel Eye Mask

Flannel Eye Mask

Flannel Eye Mask

Well, after one night, I decided the eye mask needed an update. The elastic band was too tight, even with the adjustable velcro moved out as far as I could get it and still be attached. I measured the diameter (22 inches) and then cut the first eye mask apart. I re-printed the template but when tracing the shape, I added an inch and a half to either side of the eye mask. I then slightly changed how I had attached the elastic to help it be as long as possible. AND I added in 2 pieces of Kona Black just under the flannel to help make it as dark as possible. After sewing the new eye mask, the diameter is 22 inches with the velcro fully overlapped. Much better. My outer seam is even much neater this time around.

Eye Mask - Second Version

Eye Mask – Second Version

0 thoughts on “Flannel Eye Mask

  1. Cheryl says:

    Very cute! I really need one of those, thanks for the tutorial link.

  2. This turned out way too cute! I use an eye mask as well and never thought of making one for myself. haha! Loving the flannel print too!

  3. I have a bag of supplies ready to make eye masks (I thought they would be good Christmas gifts, but that didn’t happen). I knew the back should be soft, like towelling, but I had missed the obvious – flannel!

  4. Jasmine says:

    I think we all sometimes need a simple, fast finish. This looks great! Hope it gets some good use.

  5. Too cute. I do like the second one better!

  6. Renee says:

    oh this does look cozy! I looked at the tutorial, for some reason assuming the mask would be filled with something…but no. Hmm. I’m generally unfamiliar with eye masks and their contents though. Hope it brings you sweet dreams!

  7. sally says:

    A perfect quick win, sometimes that is the big problem with quilts, they take so darn long!

  8. I always need to use cold packs on my eyes when I have migraines. It never occurred to me to make an eye mask and fill it with something. Now you’ve got me thinking. I’ve made some flannel rice bags – they’re great to pop in the microwave for 45 seconds and are a great alternative for a heating pad. I recently discovered that they work great in the freezer as well. Now I’m wondering if I could make one of these masks and make little channels or rows to fill with rice.

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