Hive 2 January Block

Stash Bee Hive #2 January 2015 Block

Stash Bee

As part of my 15 Quilty Resolutions for 2015, I wanted to be more interactive with the quilting community. I chose to join the StashBee to help me achieve this goal, and I am so excited to be a participant in Hive #2.

On New Year’s Day, Caroline @lalinsocal, the hive mama and queen for the month, published the first Hive #2 Tutorial and block request for the year. She has a Valentine’s Day wish to be draped in hearts (that sounds like a great plan to me!). Caroline requested a low volume background for the hearts, and most of my LV prints are black and white with a musical flair. We had a choice of several heart colors: pink, red, or purple, and I dove right into my red stash because I thought the red would be really nicely offset by the black and white. I was super excited to use the music prints because I love quilting while I listen to my favorite music, and it was so much fun to think of that connection while I worked on this block and sang along to my favorite tunes.

Hive 2 January Block
Hive 2 January Block

The lightest low volume is actually Crosshatch Stitch in Ivory and shows up nicely in person, but never in the photographs I take! 🙂

As part of the year, we will be getting questions to answer so that we can get to know our fellow hive members better. This month, Caroline wants to know what kind of time traveler we would be. I would really like to go pretty far back in time. While it would be really neat to see dinosaurs, I don’t think I would do well with their size… So, I have to say that I would really like to go back to ancient Egypt and see how they constructed the pyramids.

I got this block finished and in the post on January 2nd, and I am really excited to see what the rest of the year has in store in Hive #2! It was a delight to make this block, and I can’t wait to see how her quilt top comes together.

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