Scrap Quilt Flimsy Finish

Scrap Quilt Flimsy {TGIFF}


I had a delightful mix of 3″ squares and 2.5″ HSTs left over from piecing Tessellated Leaves. The colors and fabrics from that project are so vibrant and fun that I decided to pull those scraps out of my bin on Christmas day and see what “stuck” on my design wall. A quick 5 hours later, and I have a pieced quilt top that is 37″ wide by 53.5″ long.

Scrap Quilt Flimsy Finish
Scrap Quilt Flimsy Finish

So, how did I get here? I started out by looking at the HSTs that I had left over. I decided to make diamonds with them, keeping the same fabric in the center of each diamond. Because I didn’t have enough HSTs (they were scraps and only 2.5″ square, after all!), next I added some of the 3″ squares in between the HSTs to give the quilt a beautiful color gradient.

Scrap Quilt - Design Wall Initial Layout
Scrap Quilt – Design Wall Initial Layout

After an hour of piecing, I realized that I had not initially laid out enough 3″ squares for each row. I also decided to not try to line up all the seams of 3″ squares and instead purposefully chose to offset each row to avoid seam overlap. Another look at the quilt size, and instead of 2 rows of 3″ squares I added another row to have 3 rows of 3″ squares surrounding each diamond row. After 1 hour of piecing, it looked like this:

Scrap Quilt - Starting to Piece
Scrap Quilt – Starting to Piece

After 2.75 hours, I was about halfway done with the piecing and I really liked where it was heading. I was also super excited to be heading out on a short holiday with my husband (the 25th of December is Christmas, the 26th is my husband’s birthday, and the 27th is our anniversary).

Scrap Quilt - Halfway
Scrap Quilt – Halfway

After a four day break and a lovely drive up the California coast to Monterey and back, a quick 2.25 hours finished up this Scrap Quilt top. As this was just a quick interlude project for me, I will not get to quilt it for a while, but I really enjoyed using up scraps. And I still have a lot of those 3″ squares, so I might just make a few more (less color gradiated?) quilt tops with these fabrics this year. Here are a few of my best photographs from our short holiday. I really wish my photographs of the grey whale calf breaching were in focus, but I was borrowing my husband’s professional grade Nikon DSLR, and I am actually pretty happy I got a snap of the moment at all!

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