Matchstick Quilting

Sneaky Finish {TGIFF}

In under a week, I snuck in one final quick finish for the year. Unfortunately, I need to keep this project secret until its big reveal in April. I am not a very good secret keeper, so this is going to be really hard for me! I am really excited about this quilt and can’t wait to share all the details with you, but for now I am going to leave you with a few rather poor iPad / Instagram photos for proof of my final finish of 2014.

Matchstick Quilting

Matchstick Quilting

Just Enough Aurifil!

Just Enough Aurifil!

Christmas Finish

Christmas Finish

Linking up to TGIFF hosted this week by Sew Fresh Quilts. I can’t wait to see what we create in 2015!



0 thoughts on “Sneaky Finish {TGIFF}

  1. Cassandra says:

    Congratulations on your big finish- I’ll look forward to seeing it when you can make the big reveal!

  2. Oh you are such a tease! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing all of that matchstick quilting brought to life πŸ™‚

  3. Intriguing Yvonne! Look forward to seeing it all in April πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, I know just how you feel. Keeping secrets is so hard! Love the matchstick quilting. Looking forward to seeing more of this in April!

  5. Intriguing……love the quilting! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. πŸ™‚

  6. thedebra1 says:

    Of course my tablet would not let me post a comment. I can’t wait to see the finished product with that matchstick quilting. AND hear about how you did it on the longarm. You are using aurifil in the bobbin?

  7. Judy says:

    I’m with Debra. . . I want to hear how the matchstick quilting went on the long arm! It looks great! πŸ™‚

  8. Yvonne, you are a quilt tease! πŸ™‚ look forward to seeing it…SOMEDAY!

  9. JanineMarie says:

    You are such a tease!

  10. Jan O says:

    Oh, such suspense! We’ll have to wait all the way ’til April to see your secret sewing. Can’t wait!

  11. I am with you – it is SO hard to not share!! But you can do it!!

  12. Okay now, it’s just mean to keep us in suspense until APRIL!!! πŸ˜‰ Congrats on squeezing in one more finish. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  13. Jasmine says:

    Congrats on the finish. I am hoping for one more finish–it just needs binding.

  14. Tease!!! But really can’t wait to see this!

  15. Christine Sherman says:

    Can’t wait to see it, looks great!

  16. Liz says:

    Secret quilts are exciting! I’m looking forward to the reveal as well! Also, love the teal faux bois print you’ve got. It’s one of my favorites.

  17. Terri Ann says:

    Leaving us hanging like this for months? Goodness I don’t know if we can take it! From the subtle hints it looks super neat!!

  18. Cheryl says:

    Very nice quilting, I can’t wait until the big reveal

  19. sally says:

    Till April??? That is really not fair!

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