Introducing Olive {Odds and Ends}


While I was sewing in my newly renovated sewing room on Wednesday, a wonderful thing happened: I made peace with my Bernina, and she finally told me her name (almost 2 years after buying her).

I would like to introduce you to Olive.


Olive is a great name for this little lady. She does love oil and needs it quite frequently since I live in the desert. Olive trees can be sturdy, old, and formidable. Since Olive took so long to name, I figure she might be a bit of an old soul, but she is built to last and I look forward to many joyous years of piecing and sewing with her.

I am still getting to know my new Millennium, but I hope that it doesn’t take 2 years for us to get to the point that I know her name! For the time being, I will probably refer to the Millennium as “Lady”. I was an avid baseball / softball player in my youth. I played baseball with the boys through Little League and was the starting second base(wo)man. I migrated to girls softball leagues after Little League, and I played with a team known as the “Wild Things” through much of high school. I earned the nickname “Lady” while I was playing on that team, and I am passing on that nickname to the Millennium with fond memories of all my girlfriends and the fun we had at the ballfield.


In other sewing news, I signed up for my first ever bee! I will be in Hive 2 of the Stash Bee for 2015, and I am really excited about the new experience. My month to be queen is scheduled for June, and I have created a Pinterest board to collect up ideas.

As you might recall, I have a pretty generous backlog of WiPs (it has been 2 months since I posted that list – eep!). I am happy to say that I have made some really great progress on 2 of the 3 queen size quilts. I have finished the top for Tessellated Leaves and I have one more block to make before piecing together the top for the pretty secretive quilt. As a quick sneak peak, here are some artful renderings of some of the work I have put into the secretive quilt. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Secretive Quilt - Sneak Peak 1
Secretive Quilt – Sneak Peak 1
Secretive Quilt - Sneak Peak 2
Secretive Quilt – Sneak Peak 2
Secretive Quilt - Sneak Peak 3
Secretive Quilt – Sneak Peak 3
Secretive Quilt - Sneak Peak 4
Secretive Quilt – Sneak Peak 4


I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)