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Sewing Room Update and Whole Cloth Baby Quilt

Warning! This is a photo heavy post. :)

My fantastic husband helped me finish remodeling my sewing room last night. I am really excited that everything I need is now contained in one room, and in such an orderly and tidy fashion, too! First, let’s take a peek at what my sewing room used to look like…

Old Sewing Room

Old Sewing Room

Old Sewing Room

Old Sewing Room

And here are a few photos of the in-progress work during the remodel phase…

Will it Fit?

Will it Fit?

Sewing Room Remodel - Sunday

Sewing Room Remodel – Sunday

Sewing Room - Monday Progress

Sewing Room – Monday Progress

Note that I have some really bright fabric loaded on the Millenium in the photo above. That was my first trial at loading and quilting. I quickly learned a lot about the machine through quick trial and error.

The old dining room set that I inherited from my paternal grandmother no longer works in this space. Instead of the china hutch, I now have a counter-top height cutting and sewing station. I used it this morning and I love the height – it is just right for me. Above the work station are 3 shelves stocked full of my stash and sewing notions. I can easily reach the first two shelves, which is fantastic!

Updated Sewing Room

Updated Sewing Room

My ironing station and quilt ladder get to live in the same location as they did previously, and the Millennium has plenty of room for me to walk around. If really needed, I can even scoot it further into the room. You might notice something hanging off the front of the Millennium rails…

Updated Sewing Room

Updated Sewing Room

Many of my readers have written to me with wonderful advice for how to get used to my new friend, the Millennium. I started with the bright rainbow fabric as backing and fat quarters that I purchased from JoAnn Fabrics in the 90’s to get a feel for how everything moved and worked. As I mentioned above, it was a great way to figure out what thread the machine likes to work with, how to start anticipating how much use I get with one bobbin, etc. Next, I loaded up two pieces of whole cloth that I had left over from my Synesthetic Alphabet project. The fabrics are gradiated gray fabrics that I purchased to see what would work with my husband’s vision. Many thanks to everyone that suggested the whole cloth approach for sample quilting like Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses, it was another wonderful way to spend time with the Millennium.

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt

I tried a lot of different things with this quilt! These are the first feathers I’ve really every tried to make. I used a ruler at the top of the quilt to create a triangle, and I definitely have a lot to learn about the best way to work with a ruler. I spent a lot of time practicing rounded shapes because it is hard for me to make smooth, rounded shapes at the moment.

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt - Front

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt – Front

I really love the star in the upper right hand corner and the sun in the lower left. I started out with black thread on the top and in the bobbin, but I struggled with thread break enough that I switched to a light grey Aurifil 50wt in the top, but I kept using pre-wound black bobbin thread that came from the seller with the machine. I like how much the light gray stands out in the darker areas of the panel and how it blends right in to the center.

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt - Backing

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt – Backing

The backing is also a gray gradient batik that is much more subtle than the front.

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt - Quilting Detail

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt – Quilting Detail

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt - Quilting Detail

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt – Quilting Detail

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt - Quilting Detail

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt – Quilting Detail

You can see in the closeup photos above and below the fact that I used black thread on the top for a while and then quilted over top of my initial work with the lighter grey Aurifil.

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt - Quilting Detail

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt – Quilting Detail

All in all, I am really excited and happy with how the Millenium is going to work for me long term. It’s probably time to get back to work on some of my backlog of WiPs, and I look forward to loading a real quilt into the frame for quilting soon!

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt

Whole Cloth Grayscale Test Quilt

  • 32 inches by 42 inches finished, prewash
  • 5 hours including loading into the frame and binding
  • First time attempting to quilt feathers and a wonderful test piece for quilting on my new Millenium

0 thoughts on “Sewing Room Update and Whole Cloth Baby Quilt

  1. Yay! What a great test piece! It looks right at home hanging out on that chair. So happy for you, Yvonne. And the new room set up looks fantastic, too.

  2. It’s hard to believe those are samples!!!

  3. Kristyn says:

    Looks like you are jumping right in to long arm quilting! Your quilting room looks great!

  4. Your room looks awesome and those shelves are so great! The wholecloth was a great idea, I love all the loopy patterns you did! Those hearts are so cute!

  5. Renee says:

    Your quilting looks awesome already! And hurray for feathers!

  6. cheryl says:

    Your first quilting looks amazing! Your room is so well organized now, it make me want to clean mine up :)

  7. gsyanne63 says:

    I’m so jealous your quilting room is fabulous and your millennium too congratulation. I would love to do feathers like your amazing looking forward to seeing your new adventures with your quilts
    Quilty hugs

  8. This is a great space! I love your test quilt. In a year you will look back at that quilt and be amazed with how far you’ve come. Congrats on the new space!

  9. Shauna says:

    it looks great, both the room and the quilt. I keep saying I’m going to do one of those. I mastered the meander and have just been playing with that. I love the sun you did, it looks so cool…wait hot.

  10. Lorna Jones says:

    Awesome! I know you love your space even more now!

  11. Beth S. says:

    Your test quilt looks great! It won’t take long until you are so comfortable and trying out all kinds of new stitch patterns. It looks like so much fun!

  12. Jasmine says:

    Your room looks fantastic. What a sweet hubby to help you get it set up so quickly. And I have to say that you take “whole cloth quilt” to a whole new level. I hope you plan on keeping it so you can compare your quilting in a year. I particularly like the maze quilting you did.

    I had problems with black thread breaking on my SIL’s quilt. My friend at the LQS suggested that it was how dark the dye was. Other brands of black may be more successful.

  13. It is all tidy and organised, and you have heaps of space to move. I cannot believe that you had the desk and shelves built so quickly!
    It looks like you had fun on the test quilt.

  14. Considering my sewing room is just a plastic box at the moment, I’ve really enjoyed having a tour of your new set up … gives me something to look forward to :) Looks like you had heaps of fun with that test piece!

  15. Ruth says:

    Looks great and like the millenium belongs there. Love your practice star and the rocking chair too!

  16. Jan O says:

    Big congrats to you! On your new sewing space, which looks awesome; on your new Millennium; and on your test quilt, which looks terrific! You’re up and running already. Have fun –

  17. Katy says:

    You got it up and running so quickly! I love the quilts you made already. Are they for sale?

  18. Judy says:

    Great way to get to know your new machine and it looks like the two of you are getting along famously! Your remodeled sewing room looks like a wonderful place to spend time and create :)

  19. I like the light thread over the dark. It adds so much interest…I’ll be stealing that idea, you can bet! Keep on rockin’ that machine, Yvonne! Oh, and I agree with Jasmine – keep this quilt for comparison later. It will remind you how much your skills have grown. :-)

  20. Vera says:

    Looking good! Your room is great! I like your new sewing and cutting table and all of those organized boxes!

  21. sally says:

    You look like you’re so at home quilting on it already. Can’t wait to see it on a proper, big quilt.

  22. JAB says:

    I was personally looking at the airplane pictures. One day when I get “the room” set up, I’ll get to hang up my planes to look at while I sew.

  23. Looks like you got some great practice to get comfortable on the long arm. Love the new studio design and I really love your quilt ladder. Wish I had one!

  24. I cannot believe that is your first go with the quilter! Nice work, still jealous :) and I love your new sewing set up. Such a calming space.

  25. This is so amazing and I love how simple and clean your space is! It looks so welcoming! Way to go hubby for helping so much!

  26. Barbara says:

    If this is your first foray into long arm quilting then I would term it a complete success. I can hardly wait to see what you accomplish over time.

  27. SonJa says:

    And to save money on batting, you can use fleece blankets from the thrift store and also don’t foget about those mattress pad covers! Just pick thin ones and cut the elastic sides off. I get them at my thrift stores for a dollar! Don’t shop Goodwill, they are too expensive!

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)