Tessellated Leaves - 4 of 9 Rows Pieced



I dropped “the beast” (my sewing machine) off for service again today. Cross your fingers for me that the new hook mechanism helps.

No sewing machine coupled with current life events and a short trip out of town this weekend means that life is far from normal for me at the moment. I will hopefully be able to get back into a routine next week that includes sewing. For the time being, I am going to try to gracefully accept this time away from normal and spend some healing time with family and friends.

Prior to dropping off my sewing machine, I was able to sneak in about 1 hour of sewing since last Friday and finish up the 4th row of Tessellated Leaves.

Tessellated Leaves - 4 of 9 Rows Pieced
Tessellated Leaves – 4 of 9 Rows Pieced

Today, I am thankful for wonderful friends, grief counselors, and hugs.


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