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Blogger's Quilt Festival

Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Voting

This is my annoying reminder that voting is open for The Blogger’s Quilt Festival! I’m not asking you to vote for mine; just go check out the pretties and vote on your favorites.

0 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Voting

  1. Shauna says:

    I voted, and yes I voted for both of your quilts, I love them both. :)

  2. Beth S. says:

    Oh, you made me laugh with your “annoying reminder” comment! :) Good luck!

  3. quiltingmod says:

    Wonderful entries! Best of luck in the Festival. Thanks for dropping by my own “annoying reminder” posts.

  4. I voted :) LOVE that orange quilt so much!

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I voted….your synesthetic quilt is still one of my favorites!!

  6. I needed this reminder! Your quilts are amazing, why wouldn’t anyone vote!?! :)

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