9(9) Problems... but a Stitch ain't one

9(9) Problems… but a Stitch ain’t one

Linky Party

Amy @ 13 Spools has created another fun linky party inviting us to share the problems we quilters have that non-quilters just don’t understand. Come on over and join the linky party, too, or just enjoy reading and commiserating with other quilter’s problems.

9(9) Problems... but a Stitch ain't one
9(9) Problems… but a Stitch ain’t one
  1. Jumping up to run to the local quilt store to grab that small item (thread!) I need to finish a project… only to realize that it is Sunday or Monday and my LQS is closed.
  2. Lint rolling and carefully preening a quilt for a photo shoot, only to find an obnoxious thread (in a high contrast color) in the middle of the best photographs of the quilt.
  3. Pre-washing red fabrics (even though I am *not* usually a pre-washer) only to have them bleed when I wash the quilt the first time and spending many panicked hours getting the stains out.
  4. A stubborn seam that will not lay flat no matter what I do/try.
  5. My cat pawing at my design wall and pulling pieces off the wall… only to realize that I forgot to photograph the layout. Then being forever convinced I did not assemble the quilt top in the most beautiful and pleasing layout.
  6. Wherever I am, my scissors are not. Maybe I just need to break down and buy a few more pairs, but I love them and feel cheap, so I just hunt across the room and move them to my new work location.
  7. Color matching reds. Somehow I can eye almost any other color and get a good blender, but I really struggle to find the right shade of red to use. That one is too orange. Gah, this one is almost pink! Too blue! Too purple! Do I really need to use red here?
  8. Back to the thread everywhere problem. I am armed and lethal with a lint roller… but I tend to forget to brush off my backside to the amusement of my friends.
  9. Creating a design for that *special* fabric, only to realize that it would be beautiful in solids instead. And still having those fabrics sit in your stash…


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