Parallelogram Placemats

Parallelogram Placemats {Completed Project}

Quilted Placemats

I was able to finish up the Parallelogram Placemats on Wednesday afternoon. For the quilting, I went with a straight line stitch offset from the main parallelogram column seams. The quilted lines are ~1″ apart at the widest.

Parallelogram Placemats - Quilting Detail
Parallelogram Placemats – Quilting Detail

I think the quilting detail and binding really help to frame the tops out nicely. I like that the binding color was included in the parallelogram piecing mix; I think it really helps make it a cohesive color story.

Parallelogram Placemats - Backing
Parallelogram Placemats – Backing

I machine stitch down the binding on the placemats I make, and I am getting a lot better and more consistent results as I have had a bit of practice over the last few months. Of course, with a set of 8 placemats, that’s a lot more practice, too!

Parallelogram Placemats
Parallelogram Placemats

It feels good to have another project completed. Now it’s time to start thinking about piecing the backing for Three Flocks!



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