Namibia Trees - Scorecard and Ribbon

Local Fair Wrap-Up


As I have discussed previously,Β I entered two quilts into a local fair. The fair ended on Sunday evening; apparently the demolition derby Sunday night was a lot of fun. I went and picked up my quilts on Monday afternoon, and I was surprised by several things:

  1. I received actual ribbons! I thought I might just get the ribbon stickers. πŸ™‚
  2. I won a small cash prize for each quilt that placed!
  3. Each quilt came back with the judge’s scorecard and comments.
Namibia Trees - Scorecard and Ribbon
Namibia Trees – Scorecard and Ribbon

I have to admit that the piecing was not difficult for Namibia Trees. The comments from the judges were very nice: “Love it! Good use of color. Color combinations are astounding. Very nicely done.”

Shooting Star Mini Quilt - Scorecard and Ribbon
Shooting Star Mini Quilt – Scorecard and Ribbon

Again, I cannot really disagree too much with the scorecard or judges comments on the Shooting Star Mini Quilt. I think the workmanship they took some points from is also discussed in their comments: “Very nice visual. Dark colored thread shows through in some places.” What they are referring to is the fact that I chose to quilt the star at the top of the flying geese by stitching in the ditch, and occasionally you can really see the quilting against the bright white or yellow fabric.

Monetary Award
Monetary Award

I had no idea that each division had small cash awards for first, second, and third place! I celebrated my earnings by going out to dinner and having a cheese quesadilla with extra guacamole.

Fair Wrap-up - Ribbons and Winnings
Fair Wrap-up – Ribbons and Winnings

Overall, I found entering the local fair to be a very nice experience, and I plan to make and enter new quilts next year!


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