Shooting Star - Quilt Sleeve

Prep for Local Fair Quilt Show {Quilt Sleeves}


I decided to enter 2 of my quilts into my local county fair quilt show this year. In the mini category, I submitted Shooting Star and in the Large Quilt Category I submitted Namibia Trees.

Shooting Star is 20″ wide by 23″ long and is a pattern from Lee Heinrich @ Freshly Pieced. You can purchase her mini quilt pattern as a PDF in her online store: Shooting Star Mini Quilt. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the MQG SewDown Portland and take a class with Lee where she walked us through paper piecing using this pattern. This quilt typically hangs on the wall in my sewing room, and I am going to miss it for the month that it will be at the fair!

Shooting Star - Front
Shooting Star

Namibia Trees is 55″ wide by 55″ long and was a quilt I made on a whim earlier this summer using fabric from my stash. As you might have noticed, I have been really enjoying working with orange fabrics recently, and this quilt was initially inspired by the rich orange fabrics used to pull out and highlight the delicate orange leaves in the Bella’s Poppy Lind Fabric by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics. About halfway through creating the quilt top, my husband made a comment about the quilt reminding him of Frans Lanting‘s beautiful National Geographic photographs of dead camelthorn trees in the Namibia desert. That inspiration named the quilt and gave me lots of things to think about and consider as I finished the quilt.

Namibia Trees
Namibia Trees

In order to prepare the quilts for the show, I needed to hand sew on hanging sleeves to the backs of the quilts. The fair also requests that names or identifying labels be covered, so I had to sew down covers on top of my quilt labels as well. I found a simple quilt sleeve tutorial (link opens a PDF) online that I followed.

You might be thinking, but if Shooting Stars hangs in your sewing room, why didn’t it already have a quilt sleeve? Good question! I actually like to use thumb tacks to pin my quilts to the walls. I find using the tacks to be a lot less permanent and disruptive to the walls, so when I decide to move the quilts around I don’t have a lot of drywall repair / patchwork to do. The thumb tacks also do not really damage the quilts, a bit of massaging and the holes just disappear. Now, I am sure there are better ways to hang quilts, but the method is currently working well for me!

I had enough of the fabric used for the backing of Shooting Star to make the quilt sleeve, and it looks pretty nice, I think!

Shooting Star - Quilt Sleeve
Shooting Star – Quilt Sleeve

I used some Kona White to create the sleeve for Namibia Trees.

Namibia Trees - Quilt Sleeve
Namibia Trees – Quilt Sleeve

I will be delivering these quilts to the fair on Sunday, August 3rd. This whole process is new to me, so it will be interesting and a learning experience, I bet! I am really looking forward to going to the fair in the middle of August and seeing my quilts on display!


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