Dragon Quilt - Closeup

Dragon Quilt {Completed Quilt}


As I was working on the Dragon Quilt, I knew that I wanted to free motion quilt flames, but I have never quilted that as a pattern before. Taking my own advice about preparing for free motion quilting, I spent some time on Wednesday looking for an image or pattern that I could turn into a repeating flame pattern by hand. After finding something I liked, I practiced drawing it. And practiced some more. Once I felt like I had a reasonable ability to repeat the pattern and have it look OK, I folded up the paper and placed it on top of my machine to look at as a reference while I was sewing.

Dragon Quilt - Flame Sketch
Dragon Quilt – Flame Sketch
Dragon Quilt - Repeating Flame Sketch Practice
Dragon Quilt – Repeating Flame Sketch Practice

After I was done practicing, I jumped right into quilting the pattern. And I am really happy with how the pattern looks on the quilt and continues the dragon theme on to both sides of the quilt!

Dragon Quilt - Quilting Detail
Dragon Quilt – Quilting Detail

Including the time it took for me to practice sketching the quilt pattern, I spent 6 hours creating this 40″ by 40″ (pre-wash) baby quilt.

Dragon Quilt - Closeup
Dragon Quilt – Closeup

I used a mottled blue and green batik for the binding. I love how batiks make crisp mitered corners when used for binding.

Dragon Quilt - Completed Quilt
Dragon Quilt – Completed Quilt

I used YLI’s primary colors variegated thread for the quilting, and it blends in seamlessly to the dragon print but stands out enough to add some fun and character to the primary color blocks.

Dragon Quilt - Primary Color Blocks
Dragon Quilt – Primary Color Blocks

I am really excited about this quilt, especially since it used up materials entirely from my stash. I am already looking forward to what I can find to work with next!


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