Round Placemats

Weekend Challenge: Round Placemats


I was asked if I could make round placemats by a friend. My initial reaction was, ROUND?!? How the heck is the binding going to work out? I am so thankful for all the wonderful quilters who blog about their work, though, because I quickly found a wonderful tutorial on sewing circular quilted placemats. Perfection!

Well, with nothing left to do but make a few as a test, I went digging in my stash and found a beautiful charm pack of Violet Craft’s Waterfront Park fabric line. The 5″ blocks were not going to be big enough to get me to a 15″ circular diameter placemat, so I added in some fun Dear Stella polka dots.

Round Placemats - Ready for Quilting
Round Placemats – Ready for Quilting

One of the things that I liked about the tutorial / pattern was that it called for quilting before cutting the final circle for the placemat. That made a lot of sense to me. I did some quick straight line stitching to create a loose grid pattern, creating about 1″ squares.

Round Placemats - Template
Round Placemats – Template

My handy and helpful husband worked with me to create a 15″ round plexiglass template using a rivet spacer in the garage.

Round Placemats - Ready for Binding
Round Placemats – Ready for Binding

I changed things up a bit when it came time to put on the binding. Instead of sewing to the front as the tutorial calls for, I stitched down to the back first and used a seam allowance between 1/4″ and 3/8″. Clover clips were the perfect tool to use to hold the binding in place as I worked my way around sewing down the binding to the top.

Round Placemats
Round Placemats

It was much easier to ease the binding around the generous circle than I had thought, and I am really pleased with how these samples turned out!

Round Placemats - Table Setting
Round Placemats – Table Setting

It is pretty liberating to try something new and find that it isn’t nearly as hard or scary as it seemed at the beginning.


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