Spaceship Tic-Tac

Spaceship Tic-Tac {Completed Quilt}


After much frustration and time spent away from my sewing machine cooling off, I was able to finish the quilting on the Spaceship Tic-Tac baby quilt today. I had originally hoped to complete this quilt on Wednesday, but my sewing machine and I were disagreeing about that!

Spaceship Tic-Tac - Quilting Detail
Spaceship Tic-Tac – Quilting Detail

I was able to use thread that I had on hand for the quilting. I did my best to color match to the blocks by using black, variegated orange, and variegated yellow/green thread for the top and a navy blue thread for the bobbin to match the backing. I wanted to alternate diagonal lines on the blocks, and beyond fighting to keep the thread from breaking as I was quilting, I made several mistakes on orientation and spent a goodly amount of time ripping stitches and re-quilting blocks in the correct orientation. Thankfully, it is finished now and I do like the patterns the alternating diagonal lines form on the quilt.

Spaceship Tic-Tac - Quilt Top
Spaceship Tic-Tac – Quilt Top

I had *just* enough of the fun spaceship fabric left to bind the quilt, which after its first wash measures 34″ by 42″.

Spaceship Tic-Tac - Peek of Backing Fabric
Spaceship Tic-Tac – Peek of Backing Fabric

For the backing I found another super cute spaceship themed large print with a navy blue background.

It was a beautiful afternoon, and I was able to get a few nice photos of the quilt hanging from our almond tree in the backyard.

Spaceship Tic-Tac
Spaceship Tic-Tac
Spaceship Tic-Tac - Backing
Spaceship Tic-Tac – Backing

Thankfully, I think I have finally come to terms with my machine. After a bunch of practice samples this afternoon, it really comes down to stitch length. I would love to be able to set a longer stitch for quilting, but my machine will drop stitches and break threads. At least I think I can come to terms with her now that I know what was making her so fussy. A tutorial on my persnickety Bernina is definitely in the works with lots of helpful cleaning, oiling, and troubleshooting tips and links. Because goodness knows having it in one location is at least going to help me! 🙂


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