Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon – Wall Hanging


Today I was able to complete another quick project and stash buster. I wanted to work on another pattern that I had sketched up: a rocket! It went together really smoothly and I really think it is a super fun wall hanging for a child’s room (or for an office… I can think of a few former co-workers who might actually like it! ha!). I especially like the pop of color from the teal binding.

Fly Me to the Moon
Fly Me to the Moon

The rocket itself is made of 2 different shades of Kona red (although I don’t know their names, oops). The fins and rocket nozzle are a slightly more orangey-red than the body of the rocket. Oh, and YAY for math! The Pythagorean theory didn’t let me down today and helped me put this rocket on a nicely inclined 45° angle. 😀

Fly Me to the Moon - Backing
Fly Me to the Moon – Backing

The wall hanging finished out at 25″ by 25″. The backing is actually an old Harry Potter fabric line. I have a LOT of it hanging around in my stash, so it felt good to use some of it up. I have so much of this print because I used to use thumb tacks to pin it up to the walls in my college dorm rooms. Pinning up fabric is a cheap way of avoiding the college dorm room decorating police (and even cheap apartment living decoration). So, yeah, the fabric is over a decade (and a half) old, so it was time to put it to other use.

Fly Me to the Moon - Detail
Fly Me to the Moon – Detail

For the quilting, I used cotton thread that matched the top (dark navy) and a brighter blue in the bobbin to blend in with the backing fabric. I stitched an over-all swirl pattern into the background; the swirls are meant to evoke spiral galaxy clusters. I am not sure if I am 100% done with the quilting, but the right inspiration for adding detail to the rocket hasn’t struck me just yet.

I have this listed, along with several other items, for sale in my Quilting Jetgirl Etsy store.


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