Rainbow Placemats - I Love ROYGBIV

Set of 6 ROYGBIV Placemats


I wanted to challenge myself to complete a fast project today. And I wanted to use up materials in my stash. I am pleased to say that I was able to complete this fun set of 6 placemats in just over 5 hours, but I don’t really see much of a dent in my stash (other than my batting trimmings). Hmmm. I probably need to work on a bigger project to do much real stash damage!

Rainbow Placemats - Table Setting
Rainbow Placemats – Table Setting

I really, really love rainbows. I color arrange my closet by ROYGBIV. It just makes me happy in the mornings to see a rainbow of color. I thought that a black and white set of placemats would be very handsome, but it is also fun for each placemat to have its own individuality, so I accomplished that by binding them in a different color of the rainbow.

Rainbow Placemats - Backs
Rainbow Placemats – Backs

Of course, that meant I got to have fun and use brilliant colors for the backings.

Rainbow Placemats - I Love ROYGBIV
Rainbow Placemats – I Love ROYGBIV

The black fabrics are left over from a quilt that I made from my brother, Blue Rover, so I thought about him and that quilt quite a lot as I was working today. 🙂

Rainbow Placemats - Fun Backings
Rainbow Placemats – Fun Backings

The backing for the red is left over from a quilt I made for my brother-in-law, the purple from a quilt for an aunt, and I think the rest are just truly stash prints. You can see the quilting detail a lot better from the backing: a simple straight line stitching every 1/2″ with black thread.

Rainbow Placemats
Rainbow Placemats

This is only the second time I have ever put on binding with my machine completely. I am really happy with how they turned out! I definitely got more comfortable with the technique as I progressed, so it was really worth it for me to try something new.


  • Ooooh I love these! We just inherited a new large dining table from my husband’s Grammy, and tablecloths decidedly will not work (my 2 year old pulls them off, along with anything on the table!!). It’s a nice table, though, so I really want to protect against the stabbing forks of my two little kids. Placemats will be perfect! I love the two-sided nature, too. For me, other than the obvious roygbiv-happy-response of the binding & backing, see these as the ideal “won’t show stains” placemats. When you have a table of adults, or a non-staining meal, show color. When you have a table full of kids eating spaghetti & meat sauce with a side of pickled beets and chocolate for dessert, show black. I may have to make these same placemats! Thank you for the inspiration!

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