Color Weaving I by Quilting Jetgirl - Pieced Top

Wednesday WiP {5/14/2014}


As I mentioned on Monday, I had some time this weekend to come up with new ideas that I wanted to turn into quilts. And I am excited to share the progress today on the first of those projects. I am calling this pattern “Color Weaving”, and I have visions of all kinds of color combinations. As you can see in my sketch below, I was inspired by good old primary color blending, but I kind of got stumped with what to do with the fourth quadrant (lower right hand corner). I toyed with leaving that quadrant completely blank (white)… but I am just not sold on what would look good.

Color Weaving by Quilting Jetgirl - Sketched Idea
Color Weaving – Sketched Idea

For my first test quilt, I went with a monochromatic theme. I chose 3 shades of solid purple, where the light and dark mix or combine to make the medium shade where they intersect.

Color Weaving I by Quilting Jetgirl - Design Wall
Color Weaving I – Design Wall

I really like the effect of the subtle color shading in the completed quilt top. I learned a lot from making this first top, and I hope my piecing accuracy improves with what I have learned!

Color Weaving I by Quilting Jetgirl - Pieced Top
Color Weaving I – Pieced Top

The top measures 36.5″ by 48.5″.

My high school colors were purple and white, and so this quilt really might lend itself to some good sports team themes. I can see my college colors (U. Tennessee: CA poppy orange and white) working really well, especially since the checker board pattern would be perfect! I think there are so many fun options with this pattern!

Now the tough decision; do I work on a second top or walk down to my LQS for some batting? Maybe both! 🙂

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