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Week Wrap-Up

I have had a very busy week! This has been my first full week at home after resigning from my full time jet job. I was able to accomplish a lot, and for that I am very thankful. As the week is drawing to a close, I am so excited to get to see several initial projects come to completion.

One of the things that I am most excited about are my new business cards that just arrived. I think that they are fabulous!! I ordered these through moo.com, and I love that they have a customized front and back design. Many, many thanks to my husband for his help creating the awesome logo art. He 3D CAD modeled the moonscape for me. For real, you guys. He made me a moon, and a rocket… and planets! They are fully rendered in 3D and it just really helped make my logo that much more crisp and professional looking.

Another really cool thing about having more time is that I have more time to quilt! Yay! I know that was the point of this life change, but it was a good quilting week for me. It feels good to get to do what I really enjoy, and I am feeling so incredibly blessed. I was able to complete 2 baby quilts this week. I tracked my hours spent in a way that I never have before, so hopefully I will start to get a good intuitive sense about how long it _really_ takes for me to make quilts of certain complexities and sizes. These quilts finished out to be 34″ by 46″, and they are available for purchase in my Quilting Jetgirl Etsy Store.

I have another Spring Rain Baby Quilt in the works (in teal and white) that I am going to use to create a tutorial on creating this pattern. Fingers crossed I will get that posted next week. The rest of today and this weekend I am going to dedicate to working on a mini-quilt to give to someone who means a lot to me; so I should be able to post about that process in a little over a week, too.

I hope that you had an amazing week, too!

0 thoughts on “Week Wrap-Up

  1. Renee says:

    Wow you finished them already! They’re super cute! Great business cards, too!

    1. Yeah, I got them finished up this morning. After the first wash there is a noticeable difference in how they feel due to the difference in quilting, which is neat to experience side by side like that. Thanks. 🙂

  2. nsturgill says:

    Nice clean lines

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