Blue Spring Rain - Pieced Quilt Top

Works in Progress

Since I returned from SewDown Portland, I have had quite the backlog of projects sitting on my shelf. I came home with 5 unfinished projects and I had a project ready to be basted and quilted already!

Works in Progress 2/10/2014

  1. Lee Heinrich‘s “Shooting Star”
  2. Julie Herman‘s Sidekick Sampler
  3. Sherri Lynn Wood’s Improv Round Robin
  4. Heather Jones’ You + Me
  5. A set of disappearing nine patch blocks from the “free sew” time
  6. Blue Spring Rain (project in work before leaving for SewDown Portland)
Shooting Star

1. Shooting Star

Sidekick Sampler - Border

2. Sidekick Sampler

Improv Round Robin - Open Sew

3. Improv Round Robin

You + Me Pieced Top

4. You + Me

Whale of a Time - Puppy Posing with Blocks

5. Disappearing Nine Patch Blocks

Blue Spring Rain - Pieced Quilt Top

6. Blue Spring Rain – Pieced Quilt Top

I normally have at most 2 projects going at the same time, so this felt really, really different for me! I am super happy to report that I have finished 4 of these and I will start basting and quilting Blue Spring Rain today! One thing that I know about myself is that having a couple of projects in work at the same time can help keep me more productive. While I’m waiting on some fabric or inspiration to strike on one project I can make progress on another.

Works in Progress 3/29/2014

  1. Sherri Lynn Wood’s Improv Round Robin
  2. Blue Spring Rain (project in work before leaving for SewDown Portland)

Projects Completed Since 2/10/2014

  1. Lee Heinrich‘s “Shooting Star
  2. Julie Herman‘s Sidekick Sampler
  3. Heather Jones’ You + Me
  4. A set of disappearing nine patch blocks from the “free sew” time “Whale of a Time
Shooting Star - Front

1. Shooting Star

Sidekick Sampler - Finished Block

2. Sidekick Sampler

You + Me - Complete!

3. You + Me

Whale of a Time - Front

4. Whale of a Time

What all these lists fail to include are the other projects floating around in my head (too many to count!)… and the projects I have committed to and not yet started (2 at the moment).

How many sewing/quilting projects do you normally have going at the same time? Do you find yourself more productive if you have multiple projects going?

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0 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. nsturgill says:

    I have 2 quilts layered, bound and ready to be quilted. 2 layered and ready to be bound, 1 in the quilting process and a small project in process. I usually have several projects at various stages and some just stewing!

    1. I would have a hard time not finishing the binding because I get really excited when a quilt just has the binding left to be completed. I might have to relax my OCD about getting things done and carry more projects in work. My stash could certainly support it, and with my machine in for servicing now (boo!), I think I’ll be doing cut work to prepare another project or two today!

      1. nsturgill says:

        Because I hand quilt them, I bind them before I start to quilt. So they’re really not that close to being done. Oh, and I forgot about the two appliqué projects that I have going that I can pick up and take with me! Sounds like you have the perfect time to get some started!

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