You + Me - Complete!

You + Me: Complete!


On Thursday after work I got the binding stitched down to the front of the You + Me quilt. I used a lot of the remaining fabric from the front for other projects, so I went with a scrappy binding. I used the last of the yellow and blue from the front and a bit of the backing fabric to make it all the way around.

You + Me - Binding
You + Me – Binding

And on Friday, I got the whip-stitching done to finish this quilt! I have seen a lot of great tutorials on machine stitching on binding for quilts, and I’ve even given it a go on my Modern Stained Glass quilt, but I have to say that I actually enjoy hand stitching down the binding. I’ve had a lot of practice at this point, so it doesn’t take too long, and it provides me with a bit of quiet solitude and time to think, reflect, and basically meditate.

You + Me - Complete!
You + Me – Complete!
You + Me - Backing
You + Me – Backing
You + Me - Completed Back
You + Me – Completed Back
You + Me - Completed Front
You + Me – Completed Front

In case you can’t tell from my blog color theme, I am a bit partial to the color scheme I used in this quilt. 🙂

Quilt Stats

  • Finished size (post-wash): 61″ by 61″
  • Quilt Pattern: You + Me by Heather Jones
  • Front Fabrics: Kona Cotton Snow, Kona Cotton Deep Blue, Kona Cotton Buttercup

If you are interested, links to the back story for this quilt are below.

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