Sidekick Sampler Mini Quilt

Sidekick Sampler


I’ve completed another project I started at SewDown Portland! Today I finished up the Sidekick Sampler by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts. Julie designed the sidekick ruler to cut 3 different shapes in 4 different sizes, and in her class at SewDown Portland she reviewed how to cut all the shapes with the ruler.

Sidekick Sampler - Border
Sidekick Sampler – Border

At the class I was able to get the block pieced together, but I wanted to add a border around it to help with the binding. I just had to seam rip a bit to get the border on. It didn’t take too long.

Sidekick Sampler - Finished Block
Sidekick Sampler – Finished Block

I quilted the block using a repeating star pattern. It feels good to have another project finished!


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