Stargazer - Pieced Top
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My husband and I have close friends who are getting married on the equinox. They spend a LOT of time camping and generally being outdoors, and I thought it might be a really neat gift to make them a quilt to cuddle under while they are under the stars. So began my inspiration…

Stargazer - Pieced Top

Stargazer – Pieced Top

I went to my super special private stash and picked out some beautiful fabric (I have this thing for yellow and blue and celestial themed fabric you see…). I found a pretty simple pattern in a quilting magazine that worked well with the larger prints I had selected. I was also really attracted to how the pattern was done in pairs, which I found symbolic for their upcoming marriage. The quilt top came together really quickly.

Stargazer - Backing Fabric and Quilting Detail

Stargazer – Backing Fabric and Quilting Detail


I had a harder time deciding what I wanted to do for the backing, but the internet quickly helped me find the perfect backing. Both of our friends are born in early to mid December, making them both Sagittarians. I found a beautiful pattern on Spoonflower of a fierce Sagittarius, and I was hooked. :)

Stargazer - Completed Quilt Top

Stargazer – Completed Quilt Top

As you can see in the above quilting detail image, I chose a pointy meandering quilting pattern. To me, the pattern evokes the points of sun rays or stars and fits really nicely with the overall theme of the quilt.

Stargazer - Completed Quilt

Stargazer – Completed Quilt

This is the largest quilt that I have quilted myself, to date. I am really excited by all the possibilities that my new Bernina is opening up for me, and it is thrilling to be able to free motion quilt and do all the work on my quilts from start to finish! Quilting is such a joy for me!

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