Seeing Squares - Completed Quilt
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Baby Bozarth Quilt – Seeing Squares and Flying Things

Seeing Squares Pattern

Seeing Squares Pattern

I really like the patterns published by Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio. I used the “Seeing Squares” pattern for the Baby Bozarth Quilt. One of the best things about the Empty Bobbin patterns is that they come in multiple sizes – and the smaller version of Seeing Squares works really well as a baby quilt.

I work with the father, so when the mom-to-be told me that they were thinking of a “flying things” theme for the baby room, it made a lot of sense.

The Ready Set Go fabrics are fantastic, and I used the blue background with airplanes for the backing and the airplanes and helicopters on the white background for the front. Once I had those choices made, it was really simple to pick out coordinating fabric on (I really love their design board and I haven’t been sad about a color choice using it, yet!). There are 8 fabrics on the front, and I really love how they all come together with the pattern.

Of course, Puppy (my cat), had to get in on the fun as usual. I hope the family gets a lot of joy and use from the quilt!

Seeing Squares - Puppy with Piecing for Top

Seeing Squares – Puppy with Piecing for Top

Seeing Squares - Completed Quilt

Seeing Squares – Completed Quilt

2 thoughts on “Baby Bozarth Quilt – Seeing Squares and Flying Things

  1. Tracy Keach says:

    Loks amazing & adorable.. it took me a minute to figure out that there’s a cat sitting on it. Can you tell me where to find this pattern for a friend?

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t know where it is possible to get this pattern any longer. Shea Henderson, the owner of Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio, no longer has a website (which I had linked to in my post) and has removed her patterns from other typical locations (Etsy, etc.).

      I hope you can find another pattern that will work for your needs.

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