City Play - Peek at Backing
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City Play – Quilt for Baby Sharp

City Play - Pieced Block Layout

City Play – Pieced Block Layout

City Play - I Match the Blocks

City Play – I Match the Blocks

City Play is a quilt that I found in my City Quilts book by Cherri House. The basis for this very fun quilt is a simple nine patch quilt block. What makes the quilt so stunning is the way she uses the borders around the nine patch blocks to give the quilt depth and interest. Also, since it uses so many fun colors, it was a ton of fun to do the initial piecing and I got through the quilt top in record time! I also had a bit of fun with the blue blocks, as they matched my shirt on that day particularly well. 🙂

When I first selected this quilt for Baby Sharp, the baby was being a bit shy and we all thought we were going to have to wait to find out the gender at birth! Just as I started sewing, one last ultrasound revealed a baby boy, so I changed up the pattern a bit to pull out some pinks and emphasize the blues and greens a bit more.

City Play - Pieced Top

City Play – Pieced Top

Because the front of the quilt is so bold and colorful, I knew that I would want to bind it with solid black to frame the quilt. Picking out the backing was a small challenge, but when I found the tied-died looking hearts on black and showed it to the mom-to-be, we both thought it was great. With the quilt completed, I have to say that the backing really pops and complements it very well. I am so happy with how this has turned out!

City Play - Completed Quilt

City Play – Completed Quilt

The finished quilt is just around 64″ by 64″, so it’s rather large for a baby quilt. I hope that the family gets lots of use and love out of it for years to come. It was so much fun to put together – my love of rainbows could be part of the reason!

City Play - Peek at Backing

City Play – Peek at Backing

Also, as I pulled back on the pinks in the quilt, I had 3 pink nine patch blocks left over that I turned into hot pads. A quick and fun way to use up the left over material!

City Play - Hot Pads

City Play – Hot Pads

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  1. Cherri House says:

    Hi, i’m Cherri House the author of City Quilts, and I wanted to tell you that I thought you did a great job on your quilt! I love your version of City Play. Do you mind if I upload your photos to Instagram? I’d love to add them to my page. Thanks so much! Cherri

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)