Zipper Quilt - Quilting Detail
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Zipper Quilt

When I was back visiting my family in Tennessee earlier this year, my mom and I had a wonderful time going to all her local quilt stores. At the first store (the store I ship my quilts back to for long arm quilting when they are too big for me to do), I had to buy this crazy fabric with lots of ovals and colors (and let me be honest, I nerded out and thought a lot of the ovals looked like pie charts). After that we had to keep looking for fabrics to match, right?!?!? Anyway, by the end of the visit I had plenty of fabric for a quilt, so while the Daytona 500 was on TV, mom and I pre-cut the fabric into a kit.

Zipper Quilt - Fabric

Zipper Quilt – Fabric

Having the fabric ready to go meant that once I was done with the blue rover, this quilt just “zipped” together.  I had the top pieced in a week.

Zipper Quilt - Layout

Zipper Quilt – Layout

Zipper Quilt - First "Zipper"

Zipper Quilt – First “Zipper”

Zipper Quilt - My Handy Helper

Zipper Quilt – My Handy Helper

Because I got this top done so fast, I sent both it and the Blue Rover off to be quilted together. So after a weekend of binding, I have a new quilt for our bed!

Zipper Quilt - Fit Check

Zipper Quilt – Fit Check

I’m going to have to pull our wedding quilt off the bed and spend some time repairing its binding next. After sleeping under it for 7 years, it’s a bit frayed.

Zipper Quilt - Quilting Detail

Zipper Quilt – Quilting Detail

All in all, this was a fun and fast quilt. I used a 108″ wide batik backing and a batik fabric for the binding. The batik binding was so easy to work with, I should remember that and use batiks for bindings a lot more often!

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