Gradient Quilt

Gradient Quilt – My Wedding Quilt

I worked on this quilt for about a year.  I didn’t have it done when we got married, but I finished stitching the binding on the day we moved into our first house in Florida, about 5 months later.  Michael is so tall his feet stuck out of the bottom of the quilt we had been using (the star quilt I made in college), so this is an extra long queen sized quilt.  I also made it to have a color graduation to mimic the evening sky that Michael loves so much.  The color graduation works out much cleaner on the yellow border.

The pattern is a variation on the standard log cabin called the chevron.  I machine pieced the top and paid to have it quilted.  I just can’t get something that large worked though my machine.  One of these days maybe I’ll have a place to put a longarm.  :o)

Gradient Quilt

Gradient Quilt

Gradient Quilt - Border Detail

Gradient Quilt – Border Detail

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