2013 Completed Quilts

Each quilt image below is linked to more information about the quilt. Note that clicking on the image or link will open the quilt details in a new window. The quilts are presented in reverse chronological order (the most recently completed quilt is shown first).

Monkey Business
10. Monkey Business

Falling for Fall
9. Falling for Fall

8. Stargazer

Butterfly Baby Quilt
7. Butterfly Baby Quilt

Pink Tumbling Baby Quilt
6. Pink Tumbling Baby Quilt

Lillie Mae Baby Quilt
5. Lillie Mae Baby Quilt

Christmas Placemats
4. Christmas Placemats

Modern Stained Glass
3. Modern Stained Glass


2. Roundabout


Placemats for Steph and Todd
1. Placemats for Steph and Todd

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